Renaming of Ergocast Guss GmbH to Vulcast Germany GmbH

Ergocast Guss GmbH was renamed Vulcast Germany GmbH. Together with the Belgian company Vulcast Belgium SA – specialized in wear-resistant steel castings – it is now an expert in iron castings within the Vulcast Group.

The management of Vulcast Germany GmbH has now been completed; Mr. Jörg Krauskopf has taken over responsibility as Managing Director for the Juenkerath site. Mr. Giuseppe Grasso continues to be responsible for Sales & Marketing for the entire Vulcast Group. He is your primary contact person for inquiries regarding our castings in iron and steel.
Vulcast Germany is pleased to announce that the quarterly financial statements for Q3 2019, the first post-insolvency quarterly financial statements, resulted in a slight operating profit (restructuring gains from the shielding procedure were not included here). The balance sheet now shows a healthy structure with a low debt ratio and an equity ratio of 28%.
After a turbulent period, we will now concentrate fully on stabilizing our production processes, with our focus on the quality and reliability of your deliveries. In addition, our first investments are in the energy efficiency sector, which will allow us to promote both economic and ecological sustainability and to live up to our social responsibility by reducing the use of raw materials.