Hand moulding for flexible solutions

The main advantages of hand-mould casting are the flexible production, the precise coordination of customer requirements and the possibility of short-term changes or deviations.

Hand mould casting is particularly suitable for complex geometries and small series with specific customer requirements. We produce small series or individual production using the furan sand process for grey and nodular cast iron parts with a unit weight of up to 70 tonnes.

Products manufactured with the material „Cast iron“ can be excellently machined and have good vibration reduction, damping, sliding and emergency running properties.

The castings are used, for example, in gas and steam turbines, gearboxes, clamping units of plastic injection moulding machines, presses, compactors and compressors. Outstanding characteristics of our castings are the thick-walled and pressure-resistant properties combined with an absolutely homogeneous structure over the entire wall thickness.

Quality-conscious thinking and acting are essential components of our corporate policy.