Machine mould casting for highest precision

With the fully automatic process of machine mould casting, we manufacture parts of the highest precision. This leads to significant material and time savings during subsequent machining.

On our automatic moulding plant, we produce grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron parts up to a unit weight of max. 100 kg in series, which are mainly used in drive technology (e.g. cast parts for transmissions and steering systems) and hydraulics. In this way, our products ensure that, for example, an agricultural tractor can deliver its full performance.

An air impulse compression-moulding machine ensures uniform and very high compaction of the moulding sand, resulting in high dimensional accuracy. Due to the dimensional accuracy of our process, the machining allowances can be kept lower than is generally the case. This leads to significant material and time savings during further processing.

The casting process is carried out by means of an inductively heated casting device, which guarantees exact adherence to the casting temperature and material specifications. The high reproducibility of the metallurgical processes achieved in this way guarantees consistent material quality.

Quality assurance is our top priority. Therefore, all serial castings are subject to a continuous optical control.

The core volume in machine mould casting is up to 150 litres. By optimizing the moulding material formula, we have succeeded in replacing the croning core with the coldbox core as far as possible, thus saving costs. The coldbox core consists of quartz sand, resin, hardener and catalyst.
Thanks to our efficient core shop and comprehensive design advice, we are able to produce complicated castings.
The mould box size is 735 x 685 x 260/260 mm.

Quality-conscious thinking and acting are essential components of our corporate policy.