Our technology centre as a success factor

Time to market and flexibility are relevant success factors nowadays. Our technology centre supports the implementation of innovations or specific customer requirements into marketable products.

Together with our customers, we develop new products or optimize existing castings.
However, we do not only focus on a casting-technically optimized product, but also on the entire process chain, starting with model construction, through process stability to the ready-to-install machined casting.

We transfer our core competence as a foundry for achieving the required component quality, product optimization and process control to the Technology Centre. Starting with the constructive 3D-CAD-volume-model-creation, over the FEM-load simulation up to the casting simulation with MAGMAsoft, we represent the process in a virtual sequence.

Important advantages of process optimization

  • Expected characteristic load values in the cast part
  • Casting technology to be set
  • Feeding behaviour
  • Material behaviour as a function of alloy composition
  • Metallurgy and melting practice
  • Checking for application-specific component design
  • Timely detection of shrinkage errors
  • Avoidance of sample casts
  • Trimming optimization for minimizing the recycled material
  • Maximizing process stability
  • Ensuring the required material and workpiece properties
  • Shortened development and production times

Quality-conscious thinking and acting are essential components of our corporate policy.